Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Funny Kids

I have some random pictures of our random kids.

First up is MK. Earlier this week during bath time, MK finished her bath, and I left her to play in the living room in just a diaper since it was still pretty warm. MK and S were playing in the living room while I went to help C finish up his bath. I left the bottle of lotion on the couch after using it on S thinking that MK couldn't reach it. I was wrong. I came out to the living room to find this.
Lotion everywhere on this little girl! She had managed to pump lotion all over her head. I asked S if he did this, which he denied. I'm not sure what to think because S will almost always tell us the truth even knowing he's going to have a time-out. But she got lotion all over her head! It was quite funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I quickly took this picture then grabbed a towel to clean her up. At least she's moisturizing, right?

Next up is C. C has be asking for goggles forever! I just never got around to getting him any last summer, and now that it's warm again he has been asking for goggles again and again. Two days ago while we were running errands getting ready for our trip to CA, we stopped at Costco. Before I even parked the car, C reminded me that Costco has goggles and won't I please buy him goggles. I did indeed buy him googles, and he wouldn't let go of the box the rest of the time in the car. As soon as we got home, he asked me to open the packaging. I opened it up and then went about unloading the car. Next thing I know, I see C watching TV like this.

Yesterday, we while we were out and about we made our first stop at the post office. I turned around to help S out of his car seat and had a surprise. His big brother had helped S wear his goggles.
I thought they were going to wear them inside, but C insisted they needed to take the goggles off so they didn't lose them. But yes, they wore the goggles in the car between every stop.

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