Saturday, August 14, 2010


Can you believe it? We are in Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary! For once, we are doing something for our anniversary that doesn't involve having a baby or movie and a dinner. We wanted to celebrate 10 years in style......and we are.

We've left the kids with Grammy and Grandpa. They have been so excited to go visit them. Grammy has telling them all the fun things she has planned for them including a birthday party with presents, swimming at the swimming hole, rides on 4-wheelers, playing the wii, and much more.

R and I arrived in Hawaii this afternoon and spent the evening walking along Waikiki beach. Tomorrow, we will go to the Hawaii Temple in the morning and a Luau at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the evening. We'll do a whole Island Tour on Sunday and snorkeling on Monday. Tuesday, we will head to Kauai for more adventures.

This is the first time we've left the kids for so long. They've had sleep overs at grandparents before, but never for this long. It'll be interesting to see how it all goes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday MK!

Happy 2nd Birthday MK!

And we wind down Birthday week by celebrating MK's 2nd birthday. I know. I can't believe our little girl is 2. Time flies when you are a cute little girl. MK is practicing how to say "two" but it sounds more like "choo." She's also practicing holding up 2 fingers. She has tried to show her 2 fingers to her Aunt, Grandma, and Boppi who have already called her this morning.

MK is such fun to have around. We love having her part of our family. She wants to do everything her big brothers do, and she tries just about it all. Lately, she kicks a leg out and says "Yee-ahh" in her attempt at karate. Even still, she is such a girl, which still is new to us after 2 boys. She loves to get dressed, wear mom's shoes or her dress-up shoes, have her hair done, and carry her sequined Cinderella purse. She wants to help, always trying to help clean up. She loves to play and laugh. Everyday, she brings me her sandals and says "Shoos. Side." because she wants to play outside. Lately, she does fake sneezes. She's a hoot.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday S!

Happy 5th Birthday S!

Today, S turned 5 years-old. He's been so excited for this day. He's been telling people that his birthday is "the day after church day." I had to work today, so he spent the morning with the sitter, which he thought was cool because he played with his friends. Then, he played with the neighborhood kids. A neighbor has a bounce house/slip-n-slide up at their house for the week so you know where S and C were today.

S got to talk to his cousins, aunts, and grandparents on the phone today. Every time the phone has rung (which has been a lot) he has bounded over to the phone so he can talk. The first person to call today was my dad. S didn't bother to say hi. He just bluntly asked "are you going to sing to me?"

We are so lucky to have S in our family. He is such a character. He keeps us laughing with all his silliness and crazy ideas. He is a very loving brother. He loves to help and loves to make others laugh. He is very creative. He loves to play outside, to ride his scooter, to play the wii, and to play with puzzles. He has a great ability to think through puzzles and piece them together.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday C!

Happy 7th Birthday C!

C turned 7 on July 31st. C has been so excited for his birthday for months now. He's very happy to tell EVERYONE he sees that he is now 7 years-old.

We started the day off with pancake breakfast with a candle in the pancake, of course. He opened presents, played with friends, and ended the day by going to a restaurant for dinner. We waited until Sunday to do his birthday cake since we got home late and C got a free dessert from the restaurant. We are having a combined birthday party for both boys on Wednesday.

C is busy finding out what his new 7 year-old super powers are. So far, he has discovered that he is taller (he demonstrated this to me by showing me how he can barely lay down on the couch now) and he is faster (he will run across the lawn to show you his increased speed.)
As we discover what other 7 year-old super powers he has, we will update you accordingly.

C is a big part of our family and we all love him so much. He is an amazing big brother who cares for and watches out for his brother and sister. He is a great helper around the house and with his siblings. He loves art and makes fun projects. He has great handwriting and does well at math. He loves to play soccer and baseball. And he is a good friend, wanting to include everyone.
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