Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday R!

Yesterday we celebrated R's Birthday! Too bad he woke up with a headache and overall not feeling well. Sucks, doesn't it?

We had church in the morning and after our Sunday Quiet Time, we drove over to my mom's for a birthday dinner. My mom made us baked salmon and veggies, and I brought the cake. R kept telling me that he didn't need 33 candles on his cake.....but where's the fun without the fire hazard? Once he blew the candles out we were worried the smoke alarm would go off....but we were able to clear out the smoke. =) R was able to open up a few gifts from the kids and me, play a game of bocce ball against my mom (R won) and relax while my mom & I took the kids to the neighborhood park. Well, really R stayed at my mom's to fix my mom's computer/TV problems for her since my dad is in Saudi again.

It was a fun evening and were glad to celebrate R's birthday. We love you, R!


Jilene said...

Happy Birthday R. It's so funny that you and Matt have the same birthday and R and my dad have the same bday. We were meant to be friends!!!

Laurie said...

Hey A, this is L. Sounds like you had quite a vacation. You have such a sweet family and may I're looking hot!

We need to get together again soon. We're do for another night out with the girls. Talk to ya later :)

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