Sunday, June 21, 2009

California Trip Part 2 -- Jelly Belly Factory & Leslie's House

While visiting family in California, I took the kids to the Jelly Belly Factory. My sister, Steph, came along with her son T as well as my dad. It was a first for my dad. He said that mom always took us, and he had to work. The kids LOVED having Boppi (aka grandpa) along for the "field trip." We were able to get right in on a tour where we saw how jelly bellys are made from start to finish. They've changed the tour over the used to be that the tour was along the factory floor. Now, we walk above the factory and view the goings on from the 2nd floor. Here is a picture before all the candy. Notice, they are standing still. Rare, I know. They just haven't had any candy yet.
Here is my dad at his inaugrual tour.
Everyone on the tour is required to wear a hat. Here's MK in her's. She wouldn't leave it alone.

Here is C already opening up and eating his free samples.
And this is S and his cousin T after the tour looking around the jelly belly store.
After we loaded up on Jelly Bellys, we had lunch at Wendy's. Then, we parted ways. The kids and I went down to Leslie's house while Steph, T, and dad went back up to Steph's house. C and S were excited to go see the "gingerbread" aunt. Last Christmas, Leslie made every grandchild their own gingerbread house that they got to decorate themselves. C thought that since we were going to Leslie's house that that meant he was going to do another gingerbread house. Um, no. He was slightly disappointed when I told him that there would be no gingerbread houses. They cheered up once we were there and they had more cousins to play with.

Here is Leslie's C holding MK.
I didn't get many more photos while playing with Leslie. It was just so nice to be there hanging out with my sister. We bbq hamburgers, got our eyebrows done, let the kids run wild, and sat around and talked. The kids had a sleepover in the living room. Leslie put out a queen sized air mattress for C, C and S. When I checked on them in the middle of the night after MK woke me up, Leslie's C was the only one still on the mattress! S had moved to the couch, and C was on the floor. Whatever.

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