Tuesday, June 23, 2009

California Trip Part 3 -- Graduation and Park

The main reason we trekked out to California was to be there for my brother's graduation. He received his doctorate degree in Math from UC Davis. WOW! I know. It was great to go to his ceremony and cheer for him when his name was called and he walked across the stage to be hooded and receive his diploma. He is currently driving cross country with his wife to his new job at University of Kentucky. Here is a picture with the kids waiting for the program to start. S fell asleep on the drive to the campus. He woke up a bit while we visited with Dave and Tami at an Ice Cream Social (I mean, who doesn't wake up for ice cream?) but is now just bored.
My brother Dave and his bride, Tami. Next year, it'll be Tami receiving her doctorate.

Luckily, David walked the stage pretty early on in the program because the kids were restless. I had quite a few "looks" from people sitting by us. One lady even told me I was brave to come with 3 small children, but what else am I to do if I want to support my brother? Well, once he walked the stage and we cheered, Leslie and I gathered up the kids and went outside to let them run wild while everyone else got their chance to walk. I let C, S, and Lady C use my camera to keep them entertained. They found a group of trees that they called their "jungle house" and played.

I thought this picture was pretty funny. It's Lady C pushing S in the stroller through their "jungle house." (photographed by C, copyright)
After the program, we took pictures and then went to dinner together to a great steakhouse. It was amazing how the noise level dropped considerably once we left. It was a fun day. The kids and I went back to Stephanie's house. The next day, Steph, J, & T took us to a nearby park that had a 3 story play sturcture and a water fountain play area. It was a bit chilly, but my boys were determined to play in water. (At Steph's they kept putting their hands in her pool saying it wasn't too chilly and can't we please swim. Yeah, right after this lightening storm passes.)

I can never get S to hold still for a picture...this is the best I got of him that day. Every other picture he is in motion....there was just so much for him to do and see, he didn't want to stop for a silly picture! If you can tell, he is rocking back and forth on his feet and saying "cheese." This is him posing for a picture....this is a common picture, just change backdrop and we have a million of these. Love the kid.
And here is C being silly....as usual. Like his fangs?
We packed up when it started to sprinkle and headed back to Stephanies.

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Stephanie said...

I'm glad you could make it to Dave's graduation. I'm glad I could meet up with everyone for dinner that night to show my support.

We love that waterpark. The boys want to go back soon. Glad we could spend the afternoon there with your crew even though the weather was a little weird -- at least it wasn't crowded!!

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