Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation! Gradutation! Graduation!

I've been meaning to post some pictures of our graduates, but life has been kinda crazy around here. Plus, R received a fancy-smancy new camera as a graduation preasant that I don't know how to work, and it took R a while to convert the pictures. (He's been a little busy letting his belly button heal.) So, without much further ado.....
Babcock Famly at Dad's Graduation
R's graduation. I know I already posted about the "after party," but the graduation itself was great. We are so proud of R and his hard work in finishing his MBA! Especially while working full-time and having a full-time family with a new addition to that family. We stayed in SLC for a few nights so that we could be there on the spot. R's mom, step-dad, sister, brother, and his brother's family all came up to support him. Thank you everyone! It really meant a lot for you to be there. And it was great seeing you all. We had the school's cerimony in the morning, we all went out for lunch, back to the hotel room for naps (parents included), then back for his Business School's cerimony. The kids all did so good. It helped that they had Mimi, Papa, Auntie J, Aunt Kelsi, Uncle Ryan, and cousins to keep them entertained, not to mention Mimi's and Auntie J's activity books.

Our next graduate.......
C's Kindergarten Graduation
C graduated from Kindergarten! I know--I can't believe it myself. The kindergartners put on a fun little program with songs they've learned this year. Then they all received their diplomas. C has loved school and has made a lot of new friends. He's learned to read, to do math, and a lot more. C loves to help and work.

Last, but not least.....
S participating in the Preschool Graduation
S had his preschool graduation. (Sorry about the quality of the photo--this is what happens when I use the new fancy-smancy new camera.) He still has another year of preschool, but participated in his classes graduation. It was a fun program with lots of songs. This picture is of the song he got to sing. He never actually opened his mouth to sing, but did all the actions. It was cute. S has loved preschool. He wasn't too sure about it in the begining, but has loved it. He has grown up so much since the first of the school year. After the program, each kid was given a personal yearbook and DVD. I love his preschool--they run such a great program with so many activities. He has learned so much. It's especially fun to watch him write his own name by himself.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hernia--not to be confused with hyena

When I was a kid, I didn't understand the difference between 'Hernia' and 'Hyena.' I thought both referred to snickering doglike animals that made fun of Mufasa and Simba. Unfortunately, we've had to deal with a hernia this weekend, not to be confused with a hyena.

While in SLC enjoying graduation festivities, R notice a small lump on his belly above his belly button.....which turned more painful and larger as the weekend progressed. (Happy Graduation to R, right?) I took him to the doctor yesterday morning, who sent us to a specialist, who sent us to radiology, who scheduled a procedure for this morning. R had his belly button removed and put back as part of the procedure to repair the hernia--the boys thought that sounded cool. (My mom's dad always told us our legs and arms would fall off if that happened. I forgot to ask the surgeon if he had to sew those back on at the same time.)

R is now home and resting. MK came along with me to the hospital and won over many of the staff who loved her chubby cheeks. S played with a preschool friend all day and collapsed on the floor from exhaustion. C played at a kindergarten buddy's house. Yesterday, they played at a friend's house all day, too, who not only watched the boys but also made us dinner. I'm so grateful for good neighbors and friends who've let me call them at a moments notice and happily helped out.

I've now had the same conversation with R concerning his surgery multiple times. Each time he seems lucid and so I explain in detail about how I talked to the surgeon, the PA, the nurses about different things. But it must be an act because he doesn't seem to remember it a few hours later when the painkillers wear off. Last night I just had to laugh when he asked me for the 6th time, "Did Scott come talk to you?"
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