Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday #34 - The Denim Project

I couldn't resist starting one of my Denim Projects as soon as I got my machine back. It was just too tempting! I mean--all this fabric is just laying all over my sewing room practically begging to be made into something new and fun.

Even though I have about bajillion 5" squares, I didn't want to start that project. That would be too sensible. No, I had to start something completely different. Because it is different and, therefore, fun. In my pintrest search for something fun to do with my jeans, I found this amazing jeans string quilt. And I knew I had my next project. - Denim Strip Quilt
Denim Strip Quilt

At first, I was cutting out 5" squares out of my denim and then setting aside the "scraps" for this quilt. But I quickly ran out of scraps. I've since just cut a few pairs of my old jeans into different size strips to use.

I'm loving it. It has a WOW factor, don't you think?

Not sure how big I'll make it. My hubby wants it to be BIG so the whole family can sit on it at once. That would mean hunting down another pair of light wash jeans for my center strip. (Before I committed to this project, I cut the one pair of light wash jeans I had into 5" squares with only a little left for this project. Oops.)

I need some feedback: How should I finish this quilt?

  • Should I finish this traditionally? Sew all the blocks together. Add batting, Add a Backing. Quilt it.
  • Should I tie the quilt? Sew all blocks together. Add batting. Add a backing. Tie it.
  • Should I make this a rag quilt? Add batting and backing to each square. Quilt 2 diagonal lines through the center. Then sew all squares together?
  • Should I make this just a denim blanket? Just sew all the blocks together. No batting, No backing. Seams exposed on the back. 
  • Any other ideas?
I need some help on this so please, PLEASE give me some ideas.

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