Works in Progress

After talking about how LARGE my Works in Progress (WIP) pile was growing, I thought I'd organize myself to all the WIPs I have in their various stages. Holy Moly Macaroni! I didn't really realize I had so many. Just making my list has helped me realize that there are some projects that need to jump the line to the front and others that can wait a bit longer.
This year's challenge for the Utah Valley Quilt Guild is a Red & White Quilt. It can be any size and any style--it just must be red and white only. I finally decided on a design -- Red & White Quilt design, 2 color quilts, modern quilts
Red & White Quilt in Progress

And this is a small sample of what it will ultimately look like. -- Red & White Quilt Sample, 2 color quilts, modern quilts
Red & White Quilt in Progress

I've blogged about it here, here, and here.

Testing out a Mystery Quilt pattern for my aunt. What will it look like? I had no idea. I've now completed the top and just need to quilt it. - Mystery Quilt, Blue Quilt, Modern Quilt
Mystery Quilt Finished Top

Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree in Progress
Started this project with my mom and aunt at an impromptu sew day. The pattern is by Cindi Edgerton and can be found here and many other places. 
  • DRESDEN PLATE -- WIP Dresden Plate Quilt
Dresden Plate in Progress

At Quilt Fest, I took a class on making a Dresden Plate quilt by machine and appliqué. Blogged about here.
Lego Captain America in Progress

I tested this pattern for Kristy at Quiet Play. My husband loves this. My boys want it. I'm tempted to make a quilt of these...but I haven't committed just yet.
The pattern and other LEGO character patterns can be found here.

  • OLD ITALIAN by Anita Grossman Soloman
  • -- Old Italian Quilt
    Old Italian in Progress

    I took this class from National Teacher Anita Grossman Soloman. She has several books out about simplifying quilting. I bought two of her books Rotary Cutting Revolution (This quilt is on the cover) and Make It Simpler Paper Piecing which she used as basis for the class. Excellent books and AMAZING technique to simplify paper piecing. I didn't quite get it when reading it on my own, so I was glad to have her there demonstrating it. She also has great links on her website for video clips demonstrating her technique. 

    One thing I LOVE about this pattern is that it keeps the directional fabric whole. Check out the stripes in these blocks. They continue as if the dark fabric was appliquéd onto it. -- Old Italian Quilt
    Old Italian in Progress
    I plan to make this into a queen size quilt for my bed. 


  • -- WIP Pinwheel Quilt
    Pocket Full of Pinwheels in Progress

    This is from a class I took from a local teacher. I won't be surprised if she soon becomes a National Teacher. This class was to learn the techniques of several types of pinwheels. And, I've added my own to the project.

  • SNOWFLAKE BLOCKS -- WIP Snowflake Block Quilt
Snowflake Blocks in Progess

Free pattern found at Shape-Moth

  • BUTTERFLIES -- WIP Butterfly Quilt, 30's Quilt
1930's Butterflies in Progress

This is a quilt I'm working on for MK. The butterflies will have jumbo rick-rack for the body and smaller rick-rack for the antennae. 

  • FRACTURED FLOWERS -- WIP Fractured Flowers Quilt, 2 color quilt
Fractured Flowers in Progress

I started this as a class at Quilt Fest 2012. I've never made a quilt with just 2 colors. I tend to gravitate toward scrappy quilts.

This pattern can be found at Happy Stash Quilts
  • BIG BLOCK BABY QUILT -- WIP Big Block Baby Quilt, Baby Boy Quilt, Boat Quilt
Big Block Baby Quilt in Progress

This is made with 10" blocks for one super big block for a boy's baby blanket.
This is an original. Just arranged 1/2 square triangles and squares to create this large block.

Front -- WIP Modern Baby Girl Quilt
Scrappy Lap Quilt in Progress

Back -- WIP Modern Baby Girl Quilt
Pretty Lap Quilt Backing in Progress

I started this quilt after I finished the boys' quilts of red, white, & blue. I was so tired of those colors I wanted to do something completely different. The pattern is a free one sent out by McCall's Quilting they send out with all their advertising. I actually modified their pattern a bit, not too much. And I wanted to do something completely different for the back. 

All that is left is the quilting and binding. 

  • CHARITY QUILT -- WIP Charity Quilt
Charity Quilt in Progress
It was discovered at church that I've learned to quilt. Someone brought me a stack of scrap fabric to use to make a quilt for donation. I've made several baby sized quilts for the ladies at church to tie. The fabric given me lately is more suited for an adult. So, during LDS General Conference I listened to the talks as I cut and cut and cut lots of fabric. I've picked a pattern, one I made for myself.
  • COUNTING BOOK -- WIP Baby Counting Book
Counting Book in Progress

Mom has used her embroidery machine to make this really cool counting book. It's 3D. Seriously! Put on the 3D glasses and the shapes and numbers jump out at you.  Looking at this, I realize I need to finish this PRONTO as MK is already 4. 
I took this class from Flavin Glover. She was so incredibly nice! I learned a lot during her class.
I love these flowers. -- Flavin Glover's Flower Quilt
Quilt by Flavin Glover

So, this is how far I've gotten on this one during her class -- WIP Flower Quilt
Flowers in Progress

I made this one with scraps to test out the pattern.
Now, I'm going to use it to practice machine quilting. -- WIP Twister Quilt Sampler
Twister Sampler

Now that I tried out the pattern. I want to make a BIG quilt with these fabrics. -- WIP Twister Quilt Fabric
Twister in Progress

I plan to use the Twister Tool in both the 10" and 5". It can be found at most quilt shops. I got mine from when they were on sale.

  • VALENTINE HEARTS -- Quiltmaker Valentine Hearts Quilt
Quiltmaker Quilt

This is the fabric I've already purchased to make this quilt. 
I told you I like scrappy quilts. I love the variety. -- WIP Valentine Quilt Fabric
Valentine Heart Quilt in Progress

I want to learn how to do scalloped edges. Loved that by using a scalloped edge, it created  hearts.
This pattern is out of QuiltMaker Magazine Jan/Feb 2012 No. 143.
I took this class at Quilt Fest 2011 from George and Virginia Siciliano.
They are great quilters and hilarious as well. I had so much fun in that class and learned a ton! 
They both took time to pass on little bits of wisdom and tips.

I accomplished this much during the class...and haven't picked it up since. -- WIP Birds of Paradise Quilt
Birds of Paradise Quilt in Progress

I love the fabric. It changes colors from one end to the other. 

You know all those jeans with holes in them?
I've turned them into this: -- WIP Denim Quilt
The Denim Project in Progress

Eventually, I will take all these 5"x5" squares and 2-1/2" strips and make a denim blanket out of it.
Half of this stash is due to S and how easily he wears through his jeans.

I have a stash of patterns I'd like to make eventually. But as how they are still buried away and I haven't REALLY purchased fabric or supplies for them, I'll wait to add them to this list. 

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