Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Califonia Trip Part 1--Concrete Slides & Bike Rides

We had so much fun visiting family in California! We've been home 2 days now, but we are all still pretty exhausted from all we did. I wanted to post some fun pictures from our adventures last week.

First, the kids and I went to a park with my sister Steph and her son T. There is a park nearby that has concrete slides. We brought some cardboard along and let the boys go. Here's one of C.
I love the look on S's face on this one, even if you can't see him so well.

Later, once the others came home from school (they still had a few days left of school when we showed up), they all wanted to go on a bike/scooter ride. I forgot that CA has helmet laws and didn't bring the boys helmets, so they had to borrow some from their cousins. C's fit okay. But S's helmet barely stayed put. It was pretty hilarious. I thought that the helmet would be the reason for any falls he might have. But, S did great. They all went around the block a few times. Here's the group picture.
C posing for the camera, showing off his borrowed helmet.
Here's S coming in the home stretch. The helmet kept falling in his face. I love how he's trying to peek up to see. It reminds me of how he wears his hats. He likes to wear his hats down low over his eyes....maybe that's why this helmet didn't bother him at all.

The boys keep asking for their cousins. It was a fun trip. More pictures later.

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Stephanie said...

what great pictures! I still need to send you some of the pictures I took of the boys. I promise I will soon!! We sure enjoyed our visit, too. We'll have to do it again sooner than later!

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