Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday #3

I know it doesn't look like I've done much, and it's because I haven't really. I've had a very busy week and haven't had much time for sewing. - Fractured Flower Quilt Block
Fractured Flower Quilt Block

I've sewn about 20 pink flower petals and need to press them.

My goal for this week is to have all the flower petals sewn.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Never Ending Song

Since purchasing the piano, I've been having fun playing it and reteaching myself some of my favorite songs. I've found a few websites where I can get sheet music--some for free. I printed off Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. I've been practicing it a lot, and the melody runs through my head all day.

Yesterday during dinner, I told the kids I'd play them some dinner music. R and I were already done, and the kids were taking FOREVER to eat. I got up and started to play Canon in D.

C: Mom, are you ever going to finish playing that song?
R: *bursts out laughing*
A: Yes. It does end.
C: Oh.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Handsome Men

We recently bought C and S new Sunday clothes. C is getting tall enough that clip-on ties are too small for him, so he got to get his first REAL ties.  Here are R showing C how to tie his tie. - Family
C and R - Family
C and R
Here are my three men before church. 
Handsome, aren't they? - Family
C, R, S

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Dance Outfit

MK loves her weekly dance class. Each year, the dance studio puts on a dance recital and each class gets special dance outfits to wear during their performance and at a dance competition. MK recently came home with her new dance outfit, which we had to try to to make sure it fit.

MK posing in her new dance outfit - Family

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday #2

I've noticed a lot of other bloggers refer to Wednesday as "WIP Wednesday." I thought I'd jump on that   bandwagon as a way to see where things stand.

I'm still working on my Fractured Flowers Quilt. I've finished with Stage 1 of my sewing--sewing the triangles. Now, I'm half way through Stage 2--sewing the "flower petals." - Fractured Flower Quilt Block
Fractured Flower Quilt Block

It's fun to see things taking shape and coming together.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Family Photos

Okay, so these photos were taken 3+ months ago, but I'm finally getting them posted. I've been busy.

This is my favorite Family photo - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock  Family - Family
Babcock Family

The Kids - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family

C - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family

S - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family

MK - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family

The Parentals - Family
Babcock Family

The Boys - Family
Brothers - Family
Brothers - Family
Babcock Family

The Girls - Family
Babcock Family - Family
Babcock Family

I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

So Everyone Knows I'm a Girl

For a while, MK had to wear one of the boys' old coats. She had misplaced was eventually found. One day while wearing a "boy" coat she took her headband off and put it on top of the hood and told me "So everyone knows I'm a girl, mommy." - Family
MK - Family

She made sure it was like this for every store we went to that day.
The funny thing is the coat she normally wears used to belong to both boys--it's brown and orange. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


 Saturday, MK and I had a Mommy-Daughter date. We went to SLC to see the Ballet. Ballet West put on a production of "Cinderella." It was amazing. The Wicked Stepsisters were hilarious, Cinderella was beautiful, the music was great, and the whole thing was so well done. MK and I had a great time.

MK in the lobby. After I took the picture, she told me she did pointy toes like the ballerinas. - Family
MK at the Ballet
During one of the intermissions, MK and I walked around the theater. She was captivated with the Orchestra Pit and all the musicians and instruments. I got this photo of her looking into the pit before an usher told me I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the theater. Oops. - Family
MK looking into the orchestra pit

While MK and I went to the ballet, R and the boys went to the Dinosaur Museum. They had a blast.  They've talked my ears off with all the things they saw and did. They learned so much and had a great time.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What it takes to be a Police Officer

Conversation we had in the car the other night.

Me: Kids, what do you want to be when you grow up?
C: I dunno.
S: I want to be a police. (He always pronounces it as "please" and it's one word, not policeman or police officer, but police.)
C: Well, S, if you want to be a police officer you'll have to grow a mustache.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Holy Cow! I bought a piano today. I'm still in shock I actually did this. - Family

The Covey Center for the Arts had a piano sale this weekend. They sell off their slightly used pianos to replace with brand new ones. I paid 25% of the regular price. Not 25% off, but 25% total. I KNOW!

I've pulled out my small stash of sheet music and have been trying to remember how to play. Wow, I am rusty. I've never was very great, but now I'm abysmal. One more thing to add to my projects list.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Many Uses of Duct Tape

The kid's elementary school offers a great after-school 4-H program. The boys have each enjoyed the classes offered. They have taken cooking, Harry Potter Club, pottery, buggy arts, edible arts, Olympics, Fun with Science and more. This term, C is taking a class on Duct Tape Art. He has made a duct tape wallet, a duct tape belt, and a duct tape tie.

Today, he had his dad help him tie his duct tape tie and wore it to church. - Family
C and his duct tape tie
He is saving up money to buy assorted colors of duct tape so he can make more things at home.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chess Tournament

Last year, S came home with a flyer about a school district chess tournament and wanted to enter it. He was 6 years old and in 1st grade. I didn't know he even knew how to play chess.

Me: You don't even know how to play chess.
S: Yes, I do!
Me: Really? Ok. Set up the board for me.
S: *after setting up board correctly* See?
Me: Ok. Show me how each piece moves.
S: *tells me about each piece and how it moves*
Me: Ok. Well, let's play a game. 

We played; I BARELY won. Apparently, C taught S after I taught C how to play. I took S to the school district tournament and he placed 5th. Wowza! A couple weeks later, both S and C participated in the state tournament. Neither placed, but had a really good time. 

Since then, we sent both boys to a Summer Chess Camp taught by teenagers who are nationally ranked. We've also gotten a computer game/program at the recommendation of Grandpa to help teach and play. Both S and C periodically get out the board and play. They are teaching MK--She's 4.

Today was the school district chess tournament again. C had a basketball game, so it was only S playing today.  He had a great time and did pretty well. His goal was to earn a trophy. - Family
S getting ready for his first game - Family
S with his 8th place trophy

In a couple of weeks, we'll be heading for SLC for the state tournament again. It'll be a LONG day as we have to be there with kids in their seats by 8:15 am and it is about 1-1/2 hour drive for us to get there.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Secret Hush-Hush Project Revealed


So, I have had a Super Secret Hush-Hush Project in my WIP and now I get to reveal it. Okay, so it was revealed on Christmas Day, but I'm only just getting to adding it to my lists. I kept waiting and waiting for R to get me the picture from his camera...and finally just took a not-so-stellar picture with my phone camera so I can get it uploaded.

Ta Da! - Hidden Stars Quilt, Red White & Blue Quilt, Patriotic Quilt
Hidden Stars Quilt - Hidden Stars Quilt, Red White & Blue Quilt, Patriotic Quilt
Hidden Stars Quilt - Hidden Stars Quilt, Red White & Blue Quilt, Patriotic Quilt
Hidden Stars Quilt

This was a surprise Christmas present for R. He had NO IDEA! I worked on this while he was at work. It's called "Hidden Stars." I didn't want to have it under the tree because I was afraid he'd guess what it was, so I wrapped the Quilt Label along with a hint on how to find it. He then had to play "Hot-n-Cold" to find it. The back has navy blue minky, so it's super soft. I made it with fabric I already have that was left over from the quilts I made for C and S.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fraction Day

The Second Grade is learning about fractions. Last Friday, they had "Fraction Day." Everyone was encouraged to come as a fraction. Maybe wear 2 colors to be a "half," or paint nails different colors to be 1/10 or something like that. S decided to do what his big brother and cut his hair as a fraction. 

S cut his hair into fourths.
Top view - Family
S and his new haircut

Front view - Family
S and his new haircut

Yes, he went to school like this. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Half Birthday - Family
MK's 4-12 half Birthday
Today is MK's Half Birthday. For those of us who have birthday's during the summer, we get used to celebrating Half Birthday's during the school year. My sisters's still call each other on their half birthdays.

At preschool today, MK got to celebrate her Half Birthday and be the VIP. She came home wearing a birthday crown, a Twinkie, and 4-1/2 candles (because today she is 4-1/2). Once home, we lit the candles in her Twinkie for her. I LOVE this picture.
 photo tw_1.jpg  photo fb_1.jpg  photo ins_1.jpg  photo bl_1.jpg  photo tum_1.jpg  photo gplus_1.jpg  photo pin.jpg  photo yt.jpg