Wednesday, June 24, 2009

California Trip Part 4 -- Family Day

Our last day in California we spent with my entire family. We did family pictures in the morning at one park, then went to another park with more room for lunch and games. After the park, we all ended up at Steph's house for a light dinner and more games. It was a LONG but FUN day. Here's a picture of S waiting around while others were having their pictures taken.
S took this picture of me. Not bad for a 3 year-old, right?

I liked this one of R, my dad, and Brett.
MK really like Brett and would snuggle up to him. She was having a hard time while in CA--always needed to be held by me. No one else would do. My arms were quite sore by this point of our vacation. As long as she couldn't see me or hear me, she would calm down and enjoy the person she was with. Here's a picture of her with her cousins. She loved to look around her....I just had to be careful to not be in her line of sight or she'd lock her sights in on me and reach for me.
After lunch, Leslie goaded S on until he tackled Brett. It was hilarious to watch! Brett and S wrestled for a while....and S took Brett by surprise with his moves. S likes to practice at home with R and C. S was very determined.
And here is Brett admitting defeat.
We all gathered around to watch and play bocce ball....a Haws Family Tradition. Here I'm playing against Gerald. Leslie and I schooled Brett and Gerald. Whassup!

C is trying his hand a bocce ball. He'd try so hard to throw that ball....and it'd go maybe 5 feet. It was pretty funny.
And here is R sitting with MK watching the game.
R couldn't get time off of work to come to CA with the kids and I. He did, however, fly out to CA late Friday night and spent all of Saturday with us there. Then, lucky guy, he was there to enjoy the drive back to Utah on Sunday.

When we arrived in SLC, it was about 8:30 pm and S asked me, "Can we go to T's house for dinner?" Um, no. Sorry. "Then can we go to Lady C's?" Sorry, no. Not turning around and driving another 10-12 hours to do that. They miss their cousins.

It was such a great trip--being able to see my family, support my brother, enjoy some new adventures. It had been a year and half since the last time I was able to go out to CA. I'll have to see what I can do to make it happen more often.

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Stephanie said...

Please do! My boys miss your kids, too. T asked if you were coming over again for the day the morning you guys headed back to UT. They loved getting up in the morning and having instant playmates, and I'm glad you & MK were able to sleep in that first morning.

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