About Me

I'm a numbers person who has stumbled upon a creative outlet where I can multiply, divide, add, and subtract to create. Basically, I use my Finance Degree to justify my receipts for more fabric and quilting and crafting supplies. I may or may not "cook the books" when it comes to my fabric stash...you may never know, and I'll never tell.

I started this blog at the insistence of my sister back when blogs were the cool thing to do to share your life with others before Facebook. It has slowly morphed over time from a family blog to a quilting blog. So there is quite a mesh of family and quilts. Now, I blog mostly about my adventures and misadventures in quilting.

I grew up in the Bay Area, CA, but moved to the Rocky Mountains for school. Here, I met my husband and have stayed to raise our three kids. We love spending time together whether it is going to the kids soccer, baseball, basketball, football games, dance recitals, or school activities. We also like riding our bikes, going hiking, playing at the pool, making snow angels, or just having a movie night with popcorn.

I love to read (which I hated to do in school,) cook (it means I get to pick what we are having for dinner-HA!,) and quilting (which is taking up more and more of my time.)
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