Monday, July 21, 2008

Turning 3 Means "I Love You"

Yesterday at church, I stopped and talked with a friend in the hall. While we were chatting, C interrupted and said he was turning 5 really soon. Not to be outdone, S said his birthday was coming up and he was going to be 3. He held up his hand to show 3 fingers. Instead of the traditional way of showing 3, he held up his thumb, pointer finger, and pinkie finger. I have no idea where he learned to do that, but it was too funny and too cute. He showed dad that night at dinner, and I snapped this photo.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

8 Years in the Making

R and his new truck

One of the first things I learned about R when we started dating over 8 years ago was that he wanted a truck--not a little, dinky truck. A big, beefy truck. A man's truck.

He was patient with the list of stipulations I made that had to be met first before he got his truck. First, we had to get a family car, one a bit more reliable than "Dorcus" (the sedan I inherited from my Grandma.) Second, we had to buy a home. Third, we had to be financially secure and able to afford it (usually an important thing, don't you think?)

Well, after 8 years of patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting, R got his truck. He did a lot of research and worked with different sales people to get the best deal and package. He knows me too well to know that if he hadn't done all that that I would be freaking out--well, I still was, but not so much.

We picked up "Big Blue" a little bit before his birthday. Can you guess what his present was? (And will be for a few more years.) On his birthday, I told him his present was in the garage. He played along and opened up the door to see his truck and acted surprised and thanked the boys and me. Good sport.

Congratulations R!

To answer your question--I sold Dorcus to Rachel and her hubby who loved her well for several years before selling her to a friend of his. We are keeping the little Honda, Stubs. Stubs gets 45 Miles per Gallon--not giving that up too easily.

Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July at Mimi's Cabin

The Menfolk getting ready to fish

C with Papa and his catch

S and R fishing
S is excited about his catch. He clapped and laughed and kept
trying to touch it while still on the hook. I think he enjoyed himself.
S, Little K, Big K, and C at the S, Little K, Big K, and C at the Arts Festival at Brian Head showing off their pinwheels.

We got to go to Mimi's Cabin down by Cedar Breaks in So. Utah for the 4th. It was a great time. We got to spend time with Mimi, Papa, and R's brother and family. On the 4th, we all went down to Brian Head to their Arts & Crafts Festival. That night, we went back to Brian Head to watch the fireworks from the back of R's new Truck. The next day, the kids and dads went fishing with Papa. Both C and S caught fish, watched Papa gut them, and ate them with their dinner that night. We love going to the cabin. Always a good time. I have to admit--the trip was so much smoother in R's new truck.

Sleepover at Grandma's

S playing at the park. He's been asking for days to go and play.
C coming down the slide

S being silly with my sunglasses. He was running in circles.
It took a while before Grandma could snap this picture of him.

the boys
Can you believe this town has survived since
Grandma made this for Taylor!?! The boys sure love it.
C being silly with my glasses.

The boys and I spent the night at Grandma's (aka Jamma) house on Wednesday while R was at school. We had a great time! We even got to talk to Boppi! It was 3 in the morning for him, but he called Grandma and we got to say hi. The boys were able to play out in the sprinkler and cool off. After dinner, we walked to the park and played in the cooler evening. They got to have a bubble bath in Grandma's BIG tub--always a highlight for them. Grandma and I did a little quilting. All in all it was a fun night. We always look forward to seeing Grandma and can't wait til Boppi is there, too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My First Post

After much nagging and arm twisting from my sister (Love ya, Steph!) I have finally got going on setting up a family blog. Be patient with me as I try to figure this all out and get some pictures posted.

We're in the final countdown to when baby #3 will be here, so we're busy getting rooms in the basement finished so we can move the boys down there and use their old room for the baby. 4 weeks to go, but who's counting?
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