Friday, April 24, 2009

Carpet--Take 2

So, we FINALLY got the carpet replaced downstairs from out little plumbing snafu back in January. When the installers were finished, they asked if I would come down and look at it to make sure it was alright. S came charging down the stairs with me and squealed "Carpet!" He then started to run in circles in the room. I looked up at the installer and said, "yeah, I think he likes it."

The kids are all still crammed into MK's room upstairs. C has been sleeping in a sleeping bag on a pad. S has R's camping pad and sleeps with his special blanket and cow. With the boys upstairs with MK, we don't have room for the crib. MK sleeps in the pack-n-play.

One day....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

1st Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost here! Every year my work hosts an Easter Egg Hunt for the employee's kids. We've gone every year since C was a baby, and yesterday was MK's first time. It's always lots of fun. They do a great job in breaking up the age groups and making sure there are plenty of eggs for all. The boys found lots of eggs. Here is MK getting prepped for her big debut.

MK's first Easter
S let her borrow his bunny ears for the picture. And here are the kids after the hunt.

C, MK, S
I had to show this one because they are so funny. There's C making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to (see him glancing sideways at the others.) Then there's MK looking at her brothers who are much more exciting than mom and dad telling her to say 'cheese.' Then there's S--what can I say? He's such a hoot!

The weather has been so crazy lately! They had to bundle up in jackets or sweaters. One day it's sunny, and it almost looks like Spring. The next, it snows! Yesterday (and today), it rained in the valley and snowed in the mountains. I wasn't sure if they'd have to cancel the hunt--but the rain held while the kids ran around hunting for eggs. Just after the hunt when I had the kids sit together for this picture, it started to rain again. We usually hang around for a while and feed the ducks there, but this year we had to just run back to the car and head home.
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