Saturday, November 28, 2009

House Update

People keep asking me for an update on the house since S poured water out of the tub and it started to rain downstairs.

The damage wasn't as exctensive has we had feared. R was quick thinking and got things drying pretty fast, which saved us in the end. So far, it's cost only a 1/5 of what we feared. BUT, we still have to put it back together. That's been the problem. We still have to large-ish holes in the ceiling that will need to patched and painted, etc.

One of these days we will have a working 2nd bathroom once again.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Peanuts Please

A couple of weeks ago, I sent MK & S to daycare while I had to work. When I picked them up, my friend who watches them was a bit nervous about MK--MK's eyes were getting puffy. She said that it started shortly after lunch and thought it was just "tired eyes." She put MK down for a nap, but noticed that her eyes got worse and worse during the nap. When I picked her up, they were pretty bad. It kinda reminded me of when my little brother would get stung by a bee....okay, maybe not that bad. Apparently, the kids had PB&J for lunch. MK didn't eat the sandwich, but just picked at the bread. (She gets that bread obsession from me.) She'd eaten PB before, eating big bites from R's sandwiches. I took her home and gave her benadryl, which helped. It wasn't until about 36 hours later that all the swelling was gone.

I took her into the doctor for her 15 month check up (I still can't believe she's that old!) and had her tested for peanut allergy. I was so impressed with the ladies who took MK's blood--MK never bruised and they were SO fast. Anyways--we got back the results this past week: MK is highly allergic to peanuts.

Now, we are reading up on peanut allergies. This should be interesting

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Rain

So, tonight was bath night. S decided that the side of the tub needed to be cleaned because there were bubbles on it. He did this by pouring cup after cup after cup of water on it. (You see where this is going? sigh.)

By the time I discovered this helpful cleaner, the bathroom floor was already drenched. I made him get out and dry it all up. However, S poured so much water out of the tub that it once again started to rain in our downstairs bathroom. You remember this bathroom don't you? The one in January we had to tear out (after just finishing it) for water damage. Yeah, that one.

Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be as bad as the January fiasco. This isn't black water.

Unfortunately, we still need to drill holes into our ceiling to facilitate the drainage.

Fortunately, we have some big fans to help dry things out.

Unfortunately, it's going to be a long night.

Fortunately, There isn't as much water as last time.

Unfortunately, this is still going to cost a pretty penny. One of which we don't have considering R is still out of work.

Fortunately, S has a Savings CD for about the same cost of the damage.

Unfortunately, S will have to pay for this. He is pretty sad about "breaking the house."

Fortunately, S will believe us when we tell him that he will break the house if he does something now that he has broken the house doing something we told him not to do.
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