Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Pre-Show

We finally pulled out the Halloween Costumes. Both C and S had Halloween parties at school today. While we were making sure we had everything for C's Batman costume, MK tried on the mask. She sure makes a pretty cute Batgirl, don't you think?
MK and I went to S's preschool Trunk-or-Treat. S was so excited to be Buzz Lightyear (thanks Mimi!) I just love this picture--his smile just shows how much he is loving this.

S as Buzz Lightyear
It was VERY cold out today, so I bundled MK up in her costume. She makes a pretty ferocious lion with her pink binkie.

MK as a Lion
R and S went to C's Halloween Parade at his school. I'll have to get pictures from R later.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Pioneer MK

Here are a few funny pictures of MK. Grandma made this little bonnet for her a little while ago and she loves to put it on and walk around. Every time she finds it, she brings it to one of us and makes us put it on. Such a little cutey!

Pioneer MK
Pioneer MK
Pioneer MK
Pioneer MK
Pioneer MK

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I know I've been Missing in Action. (Motherhood is a state of Action--constantly doing something.) I was pretty busy for a while, picking up hours at work to bring in some kind of cash flow, helping R with his job search, wrangling kids, organizing scouting (my new calling--Bear Den Leader), driving kids around, helping with homework, and my normal keeping the house livable. Then, we all got sick. I'm just starting to feel human again. Give me a little bit and I'll start to update the blog with past activities and what we are up to right now.
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