Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday C!

Happy 6th Birthday C!

Today C celebrated (Again. But for reals this time) his 6th birthday. Like I mentioned before, I had to work today so C, S, and MK went to the sitters this morning and C had to wait all the way until dinner before we let him open his presents from the family. This is a picture that C took during the day.

C's Birthday
Can you tell what was on his mind? He got a new backpack and workbook from mom and dad, a new 'cars' shirt from S & MK, paint and paper and LEGOS from Auntie J and Uncle Neal, and some cash from Grandma and Boppi. He's been asking for Legos forever!
C's Birthday
R sat down with him and watched C put together his LEGO car. C did it all by himself and was having a blast doing it. We took the kids out to the church parking so they could ride their bikes. It was a great day.

We love having C as part of our family. He is always eager to help. He is a great example to his younger brother and sister. He is creative. I love his stories--especially in the morning when he tells me about his dreams. We love you C!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

C's Birthday Party

Birthday Week has officially begun!

Yes, tomorrow is C's birthday, but I have to work tomorrow so we started celebrations today. C has been telling me for weeks now that he wanted to have pancakes with a candle on it for his birthday breakfast (and he uses hand gestures to make sure I understand that it's on top of the pancake.) So, this morning he started of his 2-day birthday celebration with a pancake breakfast.

C's Birthday
Then, we had friends over for a birthday party. We pulled out our pool and had a water party. We have gotten so much mileage out of that little pool. Thanks Mimi! Here's S helping as I'm filling it up.
Birthday Party
They played in our little pool and popped balloons. Their favorite thing to do today was to pop balloons on the grass. Go figure. Here are all the boys.
Birthday Party
Grandma came by for a little bit to wish C a happy birthday and check out all the commotion.
C and Grandma
It was a FUN party--but man was I exhausted when it was all said and done. I pushed myself to clean it all up, telling myself that I could sit down for a little bit when it was all cleaned up. (There was water, cupcakes, balloon corpses everywhere!) The boys and I (well, me really) finally got it all cleaned up, and I grabbed a lemonade and sat down to rest. I started hearing MK in the kitchen and sent C to check it out. This is what we found.

MK playing in the Cheerios
Yup--she was hungry and wanted some cheerios. Do you think she got enough? She was quite pleased with herself.

MK playing in the Cheerios
She was kicking her legs around to move the cheerios around and giggling. She made little "cheerio angels" with her legs. And you can see the necklace she put on herself, too. She'll find the boys old glow stick necklace or necklaces I have in my bed side drawer and put them on. She gets mad when we take them off her.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MK's Big Week

MK has had a very big week.

1. She's finally gotten teeth. Okay, this one has been a couple weeks in the making, but still needed to be noted.

2. She's finally in a crib. Can you believe she's spent almost an entire year sleeping in her pack-n-play? Or her swing? We finally moved the boys out of her room and into their own room on real beds even. So, we could put up her crib. She has done great with the transition to her crib and sleeps better than before. Love it!

3. She's learned to go down the stairs. Nice. With the boys moving downstairs we couldn't keep the gate up all the time. I worked with MK a few times on the stairs showing her how to go down...which basically was me pulling her legs out from under her to put on the stair below her and making sure she was on her belly. But it worked! Now, she crawls over to the stairs (which still makes me nervous) and turned so her feet were first and down she goes. It sure is a cute little shimmy-shimmy she does.

4. She's watched her first fireworks show and LOVED it. She slept through the 4th of July fireworks. Last night was the 24th of July, which is HUGE here in Utah. A neighbor has a block party every year that is Bring-Your-Own-Fireworks. MK loved all the fireworks and kept clapping after each one.

5. She's taken her first steps! Wahoo! She's been standing for a while and just recently started to do the "furniture walk." Then out of the blue a couple days ago, she started walking. She's now up to about 5 steps before she goes down and just crawls the rest of the way. I finally washed our push-walking toy for her today. She now cruises around the house, giggling the entire time.
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