Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Here I Come!

I had to laugh when I read this, because it's kinda true. Not that I didn't accomplish any of my goals from 2015, but because I looked over my goals from 2015 to help determine my goals for 2016. (And a few did make the list for 2016 again.)

Honestly, setting goals do help me focus. I review them monthly to help me determine what to work on.

GOAL #1 -- Organize: Organize my sewing room, my home, and my life.
  • My Sewing Room: When I was sewing a few Christmas gifts, I needed a hand needle. Could I find one? Not to save my life. Did I own one? I know I own many, but couldn't find them. I'm tired of not being able to find and use my things. 
  • My Home: I have now been in my new home for just over a year. I've gotten a feel for where I like things and how I live in this space. When we moved in, we kinda just threw things in rooms. It's time to truly organize and unpack the leftover boxes. 
  • My Life: I recently realized I volunteer too much. People ask things of me, and I think to myself "Yeah, I've got time for that." With my many responsibilities, I need to organize so to be most effective.

GOAL # 2 -- Enter 3 Quilt Shows: HMQS, Springville Show, & QuiltFest

I plan on entering my "Painting the Roses Red" Quilt into the HMQS and Springville Shows. However, I need a new quilt to enter the Utah Quilt Fest. Not sure which quilt that will be, so I need to get a crack-a-lacking.

GOAL # 3 -- UFO Project Continues: Finish 6 of my current WIP Projects.

This is a carryover from last year. I only completely finished 3 UFO projects last year. I did make a lot of progress on a few others though. I have an idea of which ones I'd like to complete:
 However, I reserve the right to finish anything on my WIP list and not specifically those listed here.

GOAL # 4 -- Enjoy Life: Find time for me each day.

For me, this can mean a lot of things. It could mean time with scripture, time exercising, time sewing, time reading a book, or time working on one of these goals. I feel more balanced and less overwhelmed when I have had some time for myself.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year! I'm excited about 2016 will bring.

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