Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday #15 - A Snowflake Hexie Block

Another Snowflake Block - Snowflake Hexie Block

I keep seeing my first block of purple, yellow, and green and have been eager to try again with another color combination. I pulled out my fabric scraps and stash and made one with blue, orange, and yellow. While I was piecing it, I wasn't too sure about my color choice. However, once I saw it all together I really loved it.

Aaaand I had to see what it looked like next to my original block . - Snowflake Hexie Block

This next week, I'm going to piece one in red, green, and orange.

I still don't know what I'll eventually do with these blocks, but I'm having a great time playing with the color combinations, the paper piecing precision, and the finished hexagon shape.

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