Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary! 
We have a weekend getaway planned to Park City, but the grandparents couldn't take the kids tonight, so we planned a family day today and will leave the kiddos with the grandparents tomorrow night.

We've been talking about going to Timpanogos Cave all summer and thought today would be a perfect day to go see it...but so did half of Utah because all the tours were sold out. We did buy tickets to come back next week. We were all kinda bummed because we were all geared up and ready to go.

We did take the kids part way up the hiking trail so they could at least see what they will be doing next time we come. MK was especially nervous about this hike because she didn't know exactly what it was going to be like. But once we got moving on the trail, they all had a great time. All three kids didn't want to stop: they kept asking if we could hike just a bit further. 

MK, C, S, R
(MK is wearing her "summer scarf." It made me laugh. And yes, she wore that everywhere we went today.) - Little Pink Dress Quilt

Group Selfie - Little Pink Dress Quilt
Family Selfie

Since we couldn't go on our planned hike, we went to a few stores for school shopping and played together the rest of the evening. We came home, had dinner, and had a movie night with popcorn.

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