Saturday, August 24, 2013

Timpanogos Cave

We hiked to Timpanogos Cave today. 
We tried to do this on our anniversary last week, but the cave tours were already sold out. 
It started out a beautiful day--not too hot, not too cold. - Family, Timpanogos Cave
S, MK, C, R looking out along the trail

The hike is 1-1/2 miles up hill, over 1,100 feet in elevation. Some parts were quite steep. I ended up giving MK a piggyback during part of the hike. Then, we walked a mile through the caves. After that, we hiked back down the mountain while it rained and hailed on us. Quite the adventure. - Family, Timpanogos Cave
1/4 of the way up. MK, S, C, and me - Family, Timpanogos Cave
MK, C, S before entering Timpanogos Cave - Family, Timpanogos Cave
Family shot at the mouth of the cave

Some pictures of the inside of the Cave. - Family, Timpanogos Cave
Timpanogos Cave - Family, Timpanogos Cave
Timpanogos Cave - Family, Timpanogos Cave
Timpanogos Cave

We had such a good time. The kids did SO good hiking up that steep mountain. We were all kinda beat by the time we got home. I think we are going to sleep well tonight. 

I want to do another hike on my birthday in a week. It isn't nearly as hard as this one. I figure if the kids can do today's hike, they can do just about anything.

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