Friday, August 9, 2013

Jump Time

For the boys' birthdays I told the boys they could have a big party in our back yard, or they could choose something "BIG" and invite just two friends. Both boys opted for the "BIG" party with two friends.

On Thursday, we finally had S' birthday party. He invited 2 friends to go to Hang Time with him. Hang Time is an indoor trampoline park. I've never been, but I was really impressed with the place.

C, Friend D, S, Friend T
(No matter how many times I tried to get S to LOOK AT THE CAMERA, he insisted on doing something silly.) - Family, Birthday
Birthday Friends

Friend T and S - Family, Birthday
Birthday Friends

It was a lot of fun and low key for me. I picked up the friends, they goofed off and chatted on the drive up the Hang Time, jumped and played for 1-1/2 hours, goofed off and chatted on the drive back home, had cupcakes & presents, played at home building a fort, then I drove the friends home.

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