Friday, May 24, 2013

What Big Brothers Are For

Now that baseball season is upon us, we spend a LOT of time at the parks. On Wednesday, C had baseball practice. I told S and MK they could play at the park while C was at practice. I gave them the usual lecture of "Who's your buddy?" and off they went. S and MK run off to the park area without me while I stayed and watched C for a bit.  I eventually made it down to where S and MK were and found this:

S was teaching MK how to swing - Family
S & MK

S found a jump rope. He tied two swings together. Then, he helped MK into the swing by picking her up and making sure she was on it. He got in the swing tied to hers and started moving them, all the while giving instructions on pumping to keep the swings moving. - Family
S & MK

MK  was so happy to be able to do this on her own and learn from her big brother. Eventually, she was going it all on her own without her big brother next to her. - Family
S & MK

S is so creative. He knew just what she needed. I love these pictures of them smiling and happy to be together. 

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