Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Saturday night, C told me very sternly to make sure I slept in since it was Mother's Day the next day. Then, at 8:20 Sunday morning I was poked awake by C. He led me out to the dinning table where the kids had prepared me breakfast. They had made me a large bowl of oatmeal, a super-sized bowl of mixed fruit, and 2 slices of banana bread. There was so much food I told them they had to help me eat it. We had a fun time eating breakfast all together. They gave me my presents they made for me. Although MK gave me mine on Thursday on the way home from preschool. (She came out to the car very excited about my surprise. Then she proceeded to tell me all about it and then opened my present for me so I could see it.) 

Later, the kids and I did a craft project for the grandmothers. 
I forgot to get a picture of it, but my mom took this picture where she hung it on her refrigerator. 
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Family

C, S, and MK traced their hands, cut them out for the "plant" and then pasted on flowers they cut out. The pots have each of their names and says "Happy Mother's Day."
We had a great time putting it together.

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