Thursday, May 23, 2013

Piano Party

I signed C and S up for piano lessons soon after I bought our piano. They have loved it so far and are always eager to show me what they have learned.  Their teacher normally does a Recital in May, but has had a very hectic life with two sons getting married and another son getting ready to go on a mission. (He's going to Paris, France, which just makes me so excited as that was MY mission!) Anyways, their teacher decided to just do something easy and fun for all her students and had a banana split party.  She had awards for all her students. For C, S, and another student were very new she gave them medals. 

S in the background is showing off his medal. C was just being silly and wouldn't smile. - Family

She also did a fun gift for each student that reflected their personality. 
S received several bouncy balls as she described him as "bouncing off the walls he is so fully of energy." I couldn't agree to a more fitting description. He was even jumping around when I tried to take this picture. This is only one I got where he's not blurry. - Family
C received a yo-yo because he keeps going back and forth between his lessons and home where he practices hard and is so eager to learn. (I finally got a smile out of him for this picture.) - Family
I'm so glad my boys are learning music and enjoy it. I only took piano lessons for 1 year when I was 8 years old. I have always wished I had stuck with it. It's been so fun to have a piano in our home where I can play anytime I want and I can hear my kids playing, too. 

MK wants to learn so badly. C has put masking tape on the keys to write down the key's names on it. Then C and S have both written down the notes for songs like "Mary had a Little Lamb" and "Rain Rain Go Away" for MK. She will get out HER music and plunk along and play the songs. 

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