Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preschool Graduation

MK is a Preschool Graduate! - Family

It's official. MK has graduated from Preschool. She couldn't be more excited to be going to Kindergarten in the Fall. In fact, she has been talking about it since the VERY day she turned 4. On her 4th birthday her exact words were, "Next birthday I will be 5 years old and get to go to Kindergarten at brothers' school." She has talked about it non stop since. I'm not exaggerating.

MK has loved preschool and all that comes with it. She loves the take-home library and the books she gets to read; she loves all the fun activities; she loves the snacks; she loves the field trips; and she has loved making friends. It has been so funny how many times we'll be out and about and she will suddenly say to a kid "I know you! You're my preschool friend!" Everyone is a friend. 

MK has one particular friend she has been with o daycare since she was born, then to preschool,  and then to dance classes. Next year, they will be going to different schools for Kindergarten. - Family
Z and MK

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