Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Update - Wheel of Fortune Quilt

So I didn't finish this quilt in time for my UFO challenge last month. 

Wheel of Fortune Quilt
 I tried, but I didn't give myself enough time to get all the quilting done.


I am really close to finishing it, but I have had to put it aside. Once the deadline came and went without a finished project, I've had to set it aside while I work on my current challenge and see if I can make THAT deadline.

So, here is the current state of my Wheel of Fortune Quilt.  I have quilted all the spirals.
Wheel of Fortune Quilt

My label is pieced into the back and quilted with invisible thread (mono-poly) so as to not detract from the label.
Wheel of Fortune Quilt

The borders are the only things left to quilt now. I've already made the binding, so that will be quickly added once the quilting is finished. And, yes--I realize my label says "July 2014." I really thought I'd have it done then when I pieced the back. I was optimistic. 

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