Monday, November 10, 2014

A Quilt Top Completed!

"I Looked Out the Window"

I'm moving right along on my challenge quilt. It has come together rather quickly and easily--that's part of the beauty of this's all free form. I just sewed randomly to form the flowers until I got the size I wanted. I did try to keep it looking like the light was coming from the upper-right hand corner, but other than that it was just random on where things were sewn.

I know this is kinda crazy, but I basted my quilt on my back patio. (Don't tell the Quilt Police!)

I didn't want to pin baste and wanted to try using 505. But, 505 is messy. I didn't want to have to move furniture off my tile and then mop up afterwards. So....I thought about my back patio. Why not? I taped down my backing. Then sprayed on a layer of 505 and smoothed down my batting.

After another spray of 505, I laid down my quilt top and smoothed it out.

I have to say that 505 is so fast and easy! Loved it! Let's hope it truly keeps things in place while I quilt it.

Now, I'm on to the quilting. Again, I'm nervous I will ruin it with my non-stellar beginning quilting skills. I need to have it completed next week!

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