Thursday, November 6, 2014

Challenge Quilt -- I Looked Out the Window

I am determined to finish my last challenge of the year.  With the upheaval of my life the past 6 months, I have missed all but one of my quilting deadlines this year. No more! I want to double my numbers. 

The UVQG challenge this year is to make a quilt no smaller than 120" circumference and no larger than 240" circumference with the theme of "I Looked Out the Window." You must have at least one traditional block somewhere in the quilt. It can be anything you see out our kitchen window, your front window, your work window, your car window, etc. 

I finally settled on an idea and drew out this pattern.
Babco Unlimited - Work in Progress

Can you find my traditional block? My mom thought it was the half-square triangles in the corner. Nope. My border is a churn dash block! I thought I was so clever to make my window a churn dash.

I had spent months thinking about what I would do. I had many ideas, but nothing I could settle on. Now, the deadline is fast approaching. Nothing like last minute panic to really force you to decide.
Oh, Calvin. How so very true.

Now, I'm taking strips off of tons of fabric in my stash and turning this... - Painting the Roses Red Quilt, I Looked Out the Window Quilt, Challenge Quilt
....into this....

Wanna hear the crazy part about this challenge? I need to have it completely done--quilted, bound, and labeled within 2 weeks. I started this 2 weeks ago. And, I was given the challenge way back in January. Oh, and I'm moving in 2 weeks. Eek! 

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