Monday, September 9, 2013

Sticker Love

MK when she came home from school. - Silly Kids

On Thursday, MK had some spider bites on her arm that caused her arm to swell...pretty badly. I gave her benedryl, but the swelling got worse and started to hurt. So, Friday morning I took her to see the doctor. He prescribed medicine to help clear up the infection, and she's all better. 

MK was DEVASTATED about missing Kindergarten that day. She was visibly upset during her doctor visit that I had to explain she wasn't sad about the spider bite but sad about missing school. The nurse gave MK 3 stickers at the end of the visit. She put two on her shirt and one on her arm. The one are her arm fell off eventually. The other two have since been moved from shirt to shirt everyday since, including her pajama shirts. Today, she went to school with two big stickers on the front of her shirt. Then she came home with MORE stickers she got from her kindergarten teacher on her arm. 

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