Monday, September 2, 2013

Birthday Hike

It's my birthday today. I know what you are all thinking, and it's true--Everyone got the day off from work and school today to celebrate with me. You are welcome. 

The boys woke me up for breakfast in bed. They made me oatmeal, a small bowl of blueberries and yogurt, and toast with garlic butter. Yup--garlic butter with my breakfast because they know how much I love garlic. I had to cover up my smile of that one. It was sweet of them to think of things that I love. 

I wanted to do something with the family for my birthday, so we went on another hike. I figured if the kids could handle the hike to Timpanogos Cave last week, than a hike to Stewart Falls would be a breeze.  The funny thing about that assumption is that today's hike was just as long than our other hike and we did about the same in elevation over the duration of the hike. R and I have fitbits we use to keep track of our physical activity. When we hiked Timpanogos Cave, it said we did 110 flights of stairs. WOW! Today, at the end of our hike to Stewart Falls it said we had done 91 flights of stairs.

Midway through the hike we took this group selfie. - Family, Hike Utah

C, S, and MK along the trail. - Family, Hike Utah

S, C, and MK after a break. - Family, Hike Utah
S and C looking out at the views. - Family, Hike Utah

S in the waterfall. He was SO cold after this. - Family, Hike Utah
Stuart Falls

C in front of the fall. - Family, Hike Utah
Stuart Falls

The boys and I hiked up the falls. MK and R did it earlier. - Family, Hike Utah
Stuart Falls

S, C, and Me up at top of the falls. - Family, Hike Utah
Stuart Falls

And because we can't ever be serious... - Family, Hike Utah
Stuart Falls

I really like this one of S. - Family, Hike Utah

S, MK, C, and R just before we headed back. - Family, Hike Utah
Stuart Falls
We hiked back to our car and ran into one of my very good friends and her family along the trail. It was so random! 

After the hike, we came back home and everyone cleaned up in record time so we could go out and eat.

It was a great day!

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