Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Bleeding!

Call a Doctor! My quilt is bleeding! - Little Pink Dress Quilt
Little Pink Dress Quilt

With my quilt all finished and the Utah Quilt Fest Quilt Show just weeks away, it was time to block it. I sprayed down the quilt with water...and you can see what happened.

You would think I had learned this lesson before as this happened to my first quilt. With my first quilt, I was very careful to pre-treat all my fabric before piecing. But then I took it to a longarmer, and together we chose a beautiful blue batik for the backing...which WASN'T pre-washed. The blue bled into all my white pieces. I was in tears! My mom (who is my quilt mentor) was at Paducah at the time, so I couldn't get a hold of her for a while. Mom talked me off the ledge and made me see all was not lost. She taught me about what to do when your quilt bleeds. Don't you love moms? 

When the pink in my mini quilt bled, I didn't panic. (Ok, who am I kidding--I may have panicked slightly, but I didn't cry.) I grabbed my synthrapol and color catchers. I felt a little like a mad scientist as I stirred my quilt over the stove in hot soapy water.  My kids asked what I was making, hoping I was making a treat. Nope, just cooking fabric over here. - Little Pink Dress Quilt
Cooking my Quilt

I used four color catchers. FOUR! - Little Pink Dress Quilt
Color Catches
After stirring and rinsing, the color seemed to have disappeared from the grey. 
I pulled it out and set it out on a towel and blocked it. My friend who is charge of the Quilt Show suggested putting a fan on the quilt to dry it as soon as possible. This reduces the chances of curling and crinkling, etc. - Little Pink Dress Quilt
Little Pink Dress Quilt

Then I waited. Only 24 hours later, my quilt is dry. Best yet--my grey is looking grey and my pink is looking pink. No bleeding! - Little Pink Dress Quilt
Little Pink Dress Quilt

So, BIG sigh of relief. Crisis averted. Everyone can go about their lives--it's okay.
What crisis has had you in tears? Who saved you?

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