Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scout Day Camp

Yesterday was Scout Day Camp for C and S' cub scout den. S isn't officially a scout yet, but boys who have a summer birthday are invited to come. And, I've been asked to help out the scout den again, this time as an assistant den leader. It was a very fun filled day at Camp Jeremiah Johnson. They boys made a craft, made air rockets they shot off with an air gun, did group/partner races, climbed a rock way, shot BB guns, and learned archery. - Family, Scouts
C lining up his arrow
You can't see his face, but this is S. The first two shots he was thoroughly confused and frustrated with the whole thing. One of the camp counselors came to him and spent some one-on-one time with him showing him how to do it all. Then S shot off the third shot by himself and shot a bullseye. Every shot after that was pretty on target. Wow! - Family, Scouts
S learning archery

S on the rock wall. - Family, Scouts
S on climbing wall

C on the rock wall. The object wasn't to just climb high but to go around the entire wall. C went around a few times. - Family, Scouts
C on climbing wall

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