Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball Season

Baseball season is in full force in our household. All three kidos are playing--Sometimes at the same time.

Last night, I snapped this picture of all three in their baseball gear. 
S is playing for the Giants.
C is playing for the Orioles.
MK is playing T-Ball for the Bees. - Baseball
Baseball Playing Family

C and MK finished their games before S, so they sat on the sidelines during S' game to cheer him on. - Baseball
Baseball Playing Family

MK is SO excited to play T-Ball this year. Her coach is pretty awesome and even does practices with the young kids as well as their games. 

S is more interested in soccer than baseball, but he is still pretty good at the game. He loves playing catcher and hits consistently. He is playing in a coach-pitch league. 

C is the most dedicated baseball enthusiast. His league is what he calls "kid pitch." It's kids pitching, catching,  full rules, scorekeeping, tournaments, etc. He plays left field and shortstop. 

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