Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lemons are Sour

So, we have a fruit basket we keep on counter. The kids can help themselves to fruit at anytime.  We had eaten everything we had in the house. No more apples. No more juggling oranges (the kids named the small clementine oranges "juggling oranges" because you can juggle with them.) No bananas. All that was left in the fruit basket was a lime and half an lemon.  MK wanted a snack, so she checked the basket and saw the lemon.
MK: Mom, can I have the lemon.
Me: You don't want the lemon.
MK: Yes I do! I like lemons. They're sweet.
Me: No. Lemons are sour.
MK: No. Lemonade is sweet. And we put lemons on our apples, and it's sweet.
Me: Fine.  *holds out lemon* Here. Lick this.
MK: *licks the lemon and pulls the BEST sour face EVER!*  No, I don't want it.

So we finally went shopping.

MK LOVES shopping, but the boys aren't too keen on it. I told them we'd stop to play at a park after shopping was finished IF they took care of a few chores before we left. They did their chores, we did our shopping, and we stopped to play at a new park next to Costco. They have a splash pad, but we weren't prepared with swimsuits or towels. I told them they could play and get all wet if they didn't mind driving home like that.  MK and S were so excited and wasted no time getting wet. C didn't want to drive home wet, so he played at the playground.

MK all soaking wet
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Family, Splash Pad
Splash Pad Fun
MK and S after playing in the water.
BabcoUnlimited.blogspot.com - Family, Splash Pad
Splash Pad Fun

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