Friday, October 19, 2012

The State of Things

Our house is rather small. I used to take over the dinning table to do my sewing. Back then I had 1 box with all my fabric and things. Oh, how I've grown! (Or should I say "exploded!")

Last Christmas, I used my savings and took advantage of specials at Joann's Fabric to buy a sewing table. Now I've commandeered a small space between the back of the couch and the dinning table for my sewing table. R even put casters on my table to make it portable.

 (Note: On the left is the couch.  On the right is the rug under the dining table.) - Sewing Room
Sewing Area
As you can see, there are still containers underneath the table. I have to move those to sew. Can you see the 12 Days of Christmas from my WIP in the back of all that stuff? I still take over the table with my things while I work.

On the other side of the table is my ironing board. - Sewing Room
Sewing Area

Is this all my stuff? Ha ha ha. Not even close. - Sewing Room
Sewing Tower of Doom!
This tottering tower is shoved between the wall on the left, the entertainment center in the back, and another couch on the right. Each one of those bins is full. FULL. I'm contemplating purchasing another one. And there is stuff piled on top. I used to have them stacked in two piles, but then R came home with a subwoofer, and it claimed a spot next to the entertainment center. Now my bins are all stacked one on top of the other.

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