Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Ready for School

I've told the boys that I'm done with the reminding, the yelling, the threatening, etc that happens every school morning. They know they have to get ready, but do they really do it? No. They spend time goofing off, playing around, and just driving me CRAZY. I finally told them I'm done. D-O-N-E. They were put on notice. We say Family Prayer together at 8:45 and leave at 8:50. (School starts at 9:00 am, and kids can't get inside the classroom until 8:55 so no point going earlier.)

These past 2 weeks, there may have been times they went to school without brushing their teeth, or S didn't have his contacts, or they had to have a "yucky" school lunch. All because they goofed around instead of getting ready.

Well, today was just classic. I woke the boys up and got them moving. They got their breakfast. I reminded them of the time at 8:30. They ran downstairs to get dressed. And I could hear them. It sounded like they were having a grand ol' time. At 8:45 I walked downstairs to their room and said, "It's time for Family Prayer." They both stop what they were doing (which wasn't getting dressed) and were shocked that I was REALLY going to do this to them. C had on a pair of jeans and no shirt. S still had on his PJ's, which were a small long sleeved shirt and VERY small short shorts. S cried during the prayer.  As soon as the prayer was done those boys were in action. Man! Can those boys move when properly motivated. S and C both RAN for their room and dressed in the amount of time it took me to get my shoes and jacket and head outside. They were extra lucky in that I had parked my car outside of the garage last night and had to take time to scrap the windows and defrost the windshield. They took that time to run back inside and brush their teeth.

I think they understand I am serious now. I've probably scared them for life. At least it's documented now so that their future therapist will be able to read about my side of the story.

Hopefully, I won't have a problem next week.

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