Sunday, October 21, 2012

Conversations with the kids

Yesterday, being Saturday, I slept in. I hadn't slept well the last couple nights...probably because R was away on a business trip. When I got up, I had the following conversation with C.

C: I know why they have Saturday Morning cartoons.
Me: Really? Why?
C: They have cartoons for the kids to watch while the parents sleep in.

At dinner, I was telling the boys they need to get haircuts SOON because we are having family pictures next Saturday AND because their hair is just crazy! The conversation that followed:

Me: We are taking family pictures next week. That means we need to dress up and smile and pretend like we like each other.
R: Worst day of the year.
MK: What are dressing up as? Princesses?
*We had to explain to MK that we aren't "dressing up" like as Halloween costumes. We are dressing up as in nice clothes pretending that we always look that nice.

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