Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Pictures of MK

When I talked with family and friends this week, they all said the same thing--they wanted more pictures of MK. So, here are some random pictures of our little girl. She's growing and growing.

Here MK is on a quilt made for her by her Grandma, who S calls Jamma. My mom makes beautiful quilts. When she moved back to the states, I told her (didn't ask, told) that she was going to give me quilting lessons. Our lessons usually turned into "just spending time together" evenings where we did a bit of quilting. I miss that since she's started to do her Back-N-Forth thing between the States and Saudi again.

C holding MK
Mimi holding MK
Mimi and MK
Me and MK curled in a ball
C, MK, and S all laying down on MK's new quilt


Stephanie said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to meet her.

Marie said...

SOOOOOO Cute! Thanks for the pictures.

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