Friday, September 19, 2008

A Poke in the Eye

I am forever hearing the words "I wanna see MK!" from the boys while they are looking right at her. Teasingly, I'll ask them if she's invisible or something because she is right there in front of them. After several weeks, I've finally figured out that when they say they want to see their baby sister, they want to see her eyes opened and looking at them as well. So, they are constantly trying to get her to look at them so they can "see MK."

Well, I keep catching S poking MK in the eyes--not one eye, but both eyes at the same time. I thought it was just S being a 3 year old. Yesterday, when I caught him doing it yet again, I asked why he kept doing it. I usually get the answer of "I dunno" as he shrugs his shoulders. But yesterday, he said he wanted to see her. S is poking MK in the eyes so that she'll open them and look at him--thus she will no longer be invisible and he can "see MK."


Jilene said...

that's too funny. how is it being a mommy of 3?

Marie said...

Sounds like the child who covers his eyes and says, "You can't see me now!"

Stephanie said...

Too funny! You might have to put a pair of googles on MK to protect her eyes!

Stephanie said...

I meant GOGGLES! Oops

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