Friday, December 18, 2015

Secret Santa Gift - Personalized Bags

We are doing a small gift exchange in our little department at work. I was struggling with what to gift my co-worker and friend who's name I pulled out of the Santa hat. Should I just buy a generic store-bought gift? Or should I try to make her something? And if I do make her something, what to make that doesn't take a huge amount of time and money?

After talking with another co-worker and my mom, I decided on a personalized bag. - Personalized Bag, Small bag

Emily spent 1-1/2 years in Peru as a missionary and has a strong love and connection to Peru. So, we embroidered her name on one side of the bag and the Peru flag on the other side. - Personalized Bag, Small bag

I was so surprised on how fast and easy this bag was to make. I am very afraid of zippers and avoid them whenever I can. However, it was so incredibly easy to do! I need to rethink my aversion to zippers. - Personalized Bag, Small bag

My mom has made several of these bags in the past. These bags are so useful and can be made in any size you like. - Personalized Bag, Small bag

  • My 2 children with peanut allergies keep their medicines and epi-pens in their personalized bags that go everywhere with them. The strap on the bag makes it easy to carry on your wrist.
  • One son uses his to keep all his contact items together in one place.
  • We have a few large ones made out of mesh we use as clothing/lingerie bags while traveling. 
  • I have one I keep all my cords and plugs for my electronics when I travel.
  • I keep mine personalized bag by my bed, which holds my sleep mask, ear plugs, etc.
  • A niece uses hers as her make-up bag. - Personalized Bag, Small bag

I'm excited for the gift exchange. I hope she likes it. 

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