Friday, June 19, 2015

A Friday Finish --Cathedral Windows Pillow

I have always admired the Cathedral Window Quilts. They are just so beautiful, delicate, and classic. I never imagined I could make one myself--it seemed too difficult.  Even with my fear of the difficulty level, it quickly found a place on my Quilty Bucket List. I'm so glad I faced my fear and tackled this project.  

At QuiltFest, I took a class on making Cathedral Window quilt by machine. I made a small sample....and there it sat in my WIP pile for months. 

Not anymore! I made a pillow! -- Modern Cathedral Windows Quilt Pillow

Instead of sewing these blocks by hand, I used a blind hem stitch to stitch down the "flaps." So much faster than hand sewing. -- Modern Cathedral Windows Quilt Pillow

I'm so happy with how it turned out. It finished at 17" square....and I put in an 18" square pillow so it is EXTRA poofy.

One more project to cross off on my WIP list. It is such a good feeling to finish up these UFOs! (UnFinished Objects.)

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