Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Quilty Bucket List

I love this idea!  I spend so much energy managing my ever growing Work In Progress (WIP), I forget to make a list of the things I really want to make someday, somehow. I do have a list in my head of things I really want to make, but this way I have a solid record of some of my quilty goals.

Here is my Quilty Bucket List. I will make my own version of each of these quilts someday. 
(photo found here.)

I tracked down a copy of the Feb 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting for this pattern. That's as far as I've gotten with this beauty. I just love the continuing circles. I haven't a clue what colors I'll choose, but I do want to keep it simple like this picture. I might add one contrasting block just because I can--like I'd do it in blues like this then do one block in orange. 


(pattern and photo found here.)

Ok, this is more for my son, S. He wants a chess quilt. Recently, I've started to volunteer at the elementary school teaching chess as part of their after school 4h program. I've also been teaching S' third grade class.


Storm at Sea Quilt
(quilt made by Pleasant Home. Picture found on Pinterest here.)

I just LOVE all the possibilities with this pattern. This could be a 2 color quilt, it could be scrappy, it could be colorful with rainbows flowing through it. I've seen this design done with log cabin blocks. I just love it all. 


Cathedral Window Quilt
(photo found here.)

I just love the modern cathedral window quilts popping up. And I love scrap quilts, so I think this would be an amazingly fun quilt to make. I am a little bit intimidated by this pattern. I have seen and read loads of tutorials on how do construct this classic block, so I do think I could do it. My silly fear about doing this quilt would be running out of the background fabric! Isn't that absolutely ridiculous?

Quilt Ruler

My son, S, gave me this ruler for Christmas. Now I need to use it. There are SO many things I can make with this ruler. I'm really excited to use it! 
I could do something traditional like this:
(photo found here.)

Or modern like this:

(photo and pattern found here.)


I want to make a quilt that is 100% completely my own design.  It is very daunting to look at all these amazing quilters out there and their beautiful quilts. Sometimes it seems like ALL the quilt designs have been made already, so why try. But that's not true--I know it isn't true.

While driving around the other day, I saw something I thought would make a fun quilt. And you know what? I'm going to give it a try. See what happens.

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