Thursday, February 5, 2015

February Goals

So, thanks to my broken sewing machine January's goals are a wash. Boo! I still don't have my machine back yet. But soon. Hopefully. Finger's crossed. Please let it be soon!

Deep breath.

Since I don't have a machine right now, and I don't know exactly when I'll get it back, I think I need to play it safe on my February goals and pick a few non-sewing goals.


I have LOTS of denim to cut up. After cleaning out my sons' closet, I discovered I had an abundance of denim. So, I need to cut them up. It's time to change my holey jeans into piles of fabric. I plan on cutting them into piles of 5" squares, 2-1/2" strips, and scraps for a string quilt. -- Denim Project
Babco Unlimited - The Denim Project

I have lots of ideas on what to do within these piles and piles of denim fabric.

This is one of my "Long-Term" projects because of how time consuming it is and because I plan on making this a Queen Sized quilt for my bed. -- Old Italian Quilt, Blue & White quilt
Babco Unlimited - Old Italian Quilt in Progress
One of the reasons this project takes a long time is the time it takes to prepare the foundation paper. It really is ingenious how it all comes together, but takes some time.

I have a stack of Translucent Vellum Paper all printed with the pattern ready for my next step: Folding. -- Old Italian Quilt, Blue & White quilt

The way this pattern works, you use a light box (or use this iPad/tablet app hack if you don't have a light box) to match up lines and pre-fold your pattern. This way, you can sew on the lines without wasting any fabric. It also has the added benefit of keeping directional fabric intact.

Well, it's off to my sewing room to not sew.

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