Friday, October 10, 2014

FMQ Friday #6 - Quilting Wheel of Fortune Quilt

I'm on a deadline.

Earlier this year, I signed up to participate in a UFO challenge with two separate guilds. I completely botched it with one guild because of all the time and energy I spent preping for my upcoming move. I still have a chance with the second guild....but I have to have it done--as in quilted, bound, and labeled--by Wednesday. Holy Moly--that is in 5 days! I don't know if I'll get it all done.

I found, what I thought, was the PERFECT thread for my project from Superior Threads. I mean, isn't it beautiful? 

Superior Thread
I love the brightness of this variegated thread. I was beyond excited when I got it.

Wheel of Fortune Quilt

It matches so perfectly, it was as if it was designed JUST for my quilt. But then I tried it out on a tester sample.  Even though it takes time to create a tester block, I am always ALWAYS so glad that I did.

Wheel of Fortune Quilt Block

I didn't love the thread anymore. Oh, it was perfect for the back of the quilt, but it detracted from the block. It was TOO noticeable on the front, especially in all the negative space. I also decided to stop the spiral before I got to the pink ring.

After much deliberation and thought, I decided to go with a MonoPoly thread on top and this beautiful variegated pink on the bottom. 

Wheel of Fortune Quilt

I am so happy with this! The spiral is still there, but now the thread doesn't become the star of the show. 

Now I must try to wrestle with my quilt in my little Bernina 200. Quilting a small 9" square block is SO completely different than a 55"x 60" quilt. 

Wheel of Fortune Quilt

Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.

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