Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Goals

With the warmer weather comes a busier schedule. Each night is filled with some activity or another like baseball practice, soccer games, dance recitals, cub scouts, church activities, and me acting as chauffeur. I have started to invest in audio books--it makes drive time and wait-in-the-car time more pleasant. But it still doesn't let me spend more time at my sewing machine.

I need to make time for sewing and quilting this month. So, I'm setting some goals of things I want to accomplish this month. I find when I set specific goals I actually get things done.

While we were at Disneyland, we visited with family who lives nearby. My kids were showing their cousins the animal pillows I had sewn for them. My nieces strongly hinted they would like one--so much so that they each told me exactly what they would like. Their dad is graduating from Med School in a couple of weeks, and I want the pillows ready to for the trip to CA. 

I made a gray elephant for MK, the zebra for C, and the purple hippo for S. - Animal Pillow Pets
This is all basted and ready to go, yet it sits on my machine. I keep moving it off my machine to work on other things. Isn't that silly? - Honey Honey Quilt
Honey Honey Quilt

I have steadily been pulling all the paper out of this quilt top. My kids have been HUGE helps in that regard. They see it as great fun--and who am I to disappoint their fun? 

This month, I want to remove all the paper (it was paper pieced), press it, and baste it. I don't have to have it quilted by month's end--just READY to quilt. - Wheel of Fortune Quilt
Wheel of Fortune Quilt

Linking up A Lovely Year of Finishes May Goal Setting party here.

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