Monday, May 19, 2014

Animal Pillows

Look what I finished in just the nick of time.

Animal Pillows for my nieces and nephew. - Animal Pillow Pets
(Pardon the bad pictures--I finished these at 11:30 at night. They then boarded a plane the next morning.)

While we were at Disneyland, we visited with family who lives nearby. My kids were showing their cousins the animal pillows I had sewn for them. My nieces strongly hinted they would like one--so much so that they each told me exactly what they would like. I couldn't leave their little brother out, so he got something, too.

Their dad graduated from Med School this past weekend, and R went out to Southern California to be there for his big day. These pillows stowed away in his suitcase. To save space on the trip over and to save space on their family's big move to Texas, these pillows were sent without the pillow form.

I did take these pictures before I sewed on their backs.

(Purple Elephant, Gray Owl, Blue Hippopotamus) - Animal Pillow Pets

I had to know what they looked like all stuffed and fluffed, so I stole the pillow forms out of my own kid's pillows and stuffed these new ones. (Yes, I snuck into my kids rooms at 11:30 at night and pulled the pillows out from under their heads. Best mom ever, I know.)

Again--bad lighting, but better than nothing. - Animal Pillow Pets, Purple Elephant Pillow
Purple Elephant - Animal Pillow Pets, Gray Owl Pillow
Gray Owl - Animal Pillow Pets, Blue Hippopotamus Pillow
Blue Hippopotamus

I sewed hidden zippers on the back. This way the pillow form can be added later after they make their big move. AND so that when the pillows get dirty, the covers can be removed and thrown in the wash. - Animal Pillow Pets
Hidden Zipper

The zipper was the thing that scared me the most. I had done them on my boys' pillows, but I had my mom sitting right next to me the whole time. This time, I did it all by my lonesome. Once I got started, it went so fast. I followed the tutorial by House on Hill Road here.

This picture just makes me laugh.
Lady K's Purple Elephant with MK's much loved Gray Elephant. - Animal Pillow Pets
Animal Pillows

I put MK's elephant next to the new one--it looks so shabby! The legs of the gray elephant were once as fluffy as the purple.  All I can say is it has been loved.

The original pattern for these pillows can be found here. I designed the owl myself based off this pattern.

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