Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Second Hernia During a Summer Storm

A couple months ago, R had to have hernia surgery--his second one just a short 13 months after the first. I had originally worked it out for the kids to go to our sitter for the day, but the night before the surgery we were informed by the hospital that we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. Yikes! So, I called my parents and asked if the kids could have a sleepover at grandma and boppi's house. They said yes, so I quickly packed the kids an over night bag and hurried them over...and I do mean quickly. I had them packed and strapped into the car in under 10 minutes. That included potty breaks, too. Sometimes, I amaze myself.

And other times I don't.

It was mid-June. It was summer weather. I packed shorts, t-shirts, sandals, swimsuits, and underwear, of course. What I didn't count on was a summer storm to come. I didn't send with them any socks nor sweaters nor anything like that. But, my parents are of the resourceful kind. We used to watch a lot of "MacGyver" when I was younger. Here are some great pictures my parents emailed me while I was at the hospital with R.

First up is MK in the morning. She is a happy girl with her milk and banana. Look at her feet......those are my dad's socks on her feet and legs. They look like leg warmers, don't they?

Next up are all three kids. C and S seem very happy with their sweaters. C is rocking some socks from Boppi. MK doesn't seem so sure. Can you even see her underneath all that?

C, MK, S 
And just because the situation was so funny, Boppi posed with the grandkids. I can hear the laughing. And yeah, MK's expression is pretty funny.

Staying warm
The kids ended up spending 2 nights with my parents. THANK YOU! It was so nice to not to have to worry about them while I tended to R.

As for R, his surgery went very well. He is now a bionic man....okay, not really. But they did a great job in patching him up. He had to spend one night in the hospital. His recovery was shorter than the first surgery. I was looking forward to his loopy state of mind while he came down from the anesthesia, but it didn't happen. He actually remembered things this time! No repeat conversations. No repeat questions. I was looking forward to the funny stories I could tell about him coming out of it, but sorry. I can't. Drat.

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