Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hernia--not to be confused with hyena

When I was a kid, I didn't understand the difference between 'Hernia' and 'Hyena.' I thought both referred to snickering doglike animals that made fun of Mufasa and Simba. Unfortunately, we've had to deal with a hernia this weekend, not to be confused with a hyena.

While in SLC enjoying graduation festivities, R notice a small lump on his belly above his belly button.....which turned more painful and larger as the weekend progressed. (Happy Graduation to R, right?) I took him to the doctor yesterday morning, who sent us to a specialist, who sent us to radiology, who scheduled a procedure for this morning. R had his belly button removed and put back as part of the procedure to repair the hernia--the boys thought that sounded cool. (My mom's dad always told us our legs and arms would fall off if that happened. I forgot to ask the surgeon if he had to sew those back on at the same time.)

R is now home and resting. MK came along with me to the hospital and won over many of the staff who loved her chubby cheeks. S played with a preschool friend all day and collapsed on the floor from exhaustion. C played at a kindergarten buddy's house. Yesterday, they played at a friend's house all day, too, who not only watched the boys but also made us dinner. I'm so grateful for good neighbors and friends who've let me call them at a moments notice and happily helped out.

I've now had the same conversation with R concerning his surgery multiple times. Each time he seems lucid and so I explain in detail about how I talked to the surgeon, the PA, the nurses about different things. But it must be an act because he doesn't seem to remember it a few hours later when the painkillers wear off. Last night I just had to laugh when he asked me for the 6th time, "Did Scott come talk to you?"
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