Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, we all know what an amazing quilter my mom is. She makes beautiful quilts for the grandkids (skipped right over us kids to spoil the grandkids), for charities, for fundraisers (the quilt she made for Lady A's High School Choir raised around $4,500.00 and she just made another incredible quilt for this year, too), and of course for herself. Well, when my parents moved back from Saudi Arabia, I told her I'd like to have quilting lessons. We did this regularly before my dad decided he wanted to go back to Saudi. Then, we had to take a hiatus. Well, while my mom has been in the States this summer, I again invited myself (and kids in tow) to her house to quilt.

They have been fun evenings spent with my mom. We don't always get a lot of quilting done, but some. The evenings are usually spent playing with the kids, quilting for a bit, having dinner, and a walk to the neighborhood park. The kids love to go, but have told me that it's only fun to go to grandma's house when grandma or boppi are there. (While Mom & Dad are away, I usually stop by their house every so often to check up on things, pick up things for them, etc.)

Anyways, I've finally made progress with a quilt that I want to make for one of the boys. I picked out 2 patterns I liked and will use similar fabrics, but this way they each have a unique quilt. I've spent hours cutting and sewing different pieces. Yesterday, I thought I had an hour to quilt, so I pulled out my things and placed everything down to finally make a block. I was quite excited to finally have a "finished product."

Stars of Glory Quilt Block
Between all the sewing, pressing, moving MK, ripping and resewing, moving MK, back to sewing it took me 2 hours to sew it all together! I showed R and said, "Only 39 more to go." He quickly replied it would only take me another 78 hours. Sweet.

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Stephanie said...

That looks awesome! I wish I had more time in the day to quilt again. It's been a while. It must be nice to have Mom so close by to help out when needed, although it looks like you don't need much help -- it looks beautiful.

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